Shape Fitness Training Programs 

Our Programs are  all designed to specially catered to each women's individual fitness needs , both in group and one on one training 

We Offer:
- A spa like atmosphere without the spa cost
- focused small group classes 
-state of the art equipment 
- sirius , pandora for client listening 
- complimentary water , towels , toiletries 
-group & one on one training programs available 
-Personalized meal programs (average weight loss 2-3 lbs per week) 
*individual client results vary
- client incentive program 
- body fat , total body water and lean muscle analysis
- complimentary monthly evaluations to monitor progress
- complimentary stuctured homework for client alternative days to work out on their own 

                                               Training Programs 
                                                        Starter 10
                                                       Bronze 12
                                                         Silver 15
                                                          Gold 20

                                                 All Programs Include: 
( 30 minute training sessions catered to each clients individual fitness levels to Shape ,tone , lose weight & overall improve strength and conditioning. Program also includes a structured meal plan, estimated weight loss 2-3 lbs per week , weekly weigh ins, monthly assessments , and weekly homework emailed to clients on their off days )


client results may vary from person to person 

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