BIOMETRICS Nutrition & Fitness, a proven weight management program combining nutrition and fitness, will help you reach your goals without any gimmicks, pre-packaged foods, pills, or supplements. Biometrics is a six, twelve, or eighteen week weight loss and fitness program. It stimulates weight loss by combining a moderately decreased caloric meal plan, using real foods, with exercise, designed to preserve or increase lean muscle tissue. Biometrics promotes positive lifestyle changes and improves health-related measures such as body composition and lipid profiles.

We provide the CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLAN: Biometrics participants follow a low-fat, reduced calorie meal plan, which was created by registered dieticians. The customized, computer-generated meal plan is based on personal food preferences and weight loss goals.

You provide the EXERCISE: Each participant works out three times per week with their personal trainer or group exercise leader, following a specific exercise training protocol. The focus will be on increasing lean body tissue, and thus increasing the client's metabolic rate.
In just six weeks of Biometrics, clients obtain great results:

Women Achieve: 
• 8-12 pounds lost
• 15% decrease in body fat
• 3-5 inches lost in both the hips and thighs
• 1-2 pound increase in lean body tissue

Women Will  Achieve: 
• Strength gains and muscle tone.
• Reduction in dress or pants size.
• Increased energy and vitality.
• Better self image and more confidence.
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If you want to start LOOKING BETTER, and FEELING BETTER, call shape fitness center on how you can enroll in the Biometrics program.